Special Weapon Seminar

The Bo Staff


Seminar Fee: $75

5-weeks starting Saturday, September 7th (12:30 - 1:20 pm)

  • Week 1 - 9/7
  • Week 2 - 9/14
  • Week 3 - 9/21
  • Week 4 - 9/28
  • Week 5 - 10/5
  • Test - 10/5 (1:30 pm)

Special Note: Weapons are "NOT REQUIRED" as part of our regular Karate Program until the Brown Belt level.

Participants:  Adults - Must be Yellow Belt or higher.  Kids (8 years old) - Must be Orange Belt or higher.  Check with Sensei for exceptions. 

All participants must have their own weapon.  Weapons can be purchases at Safety America for $26 (including tax). 

About the Bo Staff:

The Bo Staff is an Okinawan martial arts weapon.  It was initally used as a farming tool to help carry  baskets of harvested crops or buckets of water and fish.  In 1609, there was a new weapons ban that left the Okinawans defenseless against the Samurai.  In an attempt to protect themselves the people of Okinawa looked  to simple farming implements as new methods of defense.